Martynas & Elze

Martynas Stonys

A leader in the Lithuanian swing dance scene, Martynas combines fun and technique to help you find even more enjoyment in your dancing.

What’s most important to Martynas is that his students have a great time in every class, so they want to come back for the next one. He always tries to make classes fun and ensures everyone learns something new.

“I always make sure both leaders and followers receive the same amount of attention,“ says Martynas. “Lindy Hop is a dance for two people. It is so much more fun when both partners are dancing, and not just leading or following.”

He’s one of the founders of What a Jazz (formerly known as Hoppers’ Dance Studio), which is famous for producing new Lindy Hop talent and some of the internet’s most incredible viral dance videos.

Elze Visnevskyte

All the way from Vilnius in Lithuania, Big Bang welcomes Elze Visnevskyte. Dancing a variety of styles since she was just six years old—from old renaissance to traditional folk dances—she fell in love when she found Lindy Hop (or maybe it was Lindy Hop that found her), and later discovered the world of solo jazz.

In addition to her swinging skills, Elze has spent a lot of time acting in theatre, and applies her talent for improvisation to her dancing. She values creativity, authenticity, musicality and playfulness, and encourages those qualities in her students.