This is a swing dancing camp for lindy hoppers to let themselves loose, go wild, and feel like they lived in a fairy tale for a weekend. We want to dance dance dance, improve our dancing, and spread the love of swing.

Organized by a dream team from Bangkok Swing, we are super excited to host and jam with you on the dance floor ; )


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Gunhild Carling and band

Gunhild is a one-of-a-kind Swedish Jazz and Swing star! She will be accompanied by a few top-tier musicians from Sweden to make our ears open wide and legs go wild! She plays the trombone, trumpet, a whole bunch of other instruments, sings, taps, and dances … always in style of American Jazz from the 1920s and ‘30s. In May 2014 in New York, Gunhild performed at one of lindy hop’s biggest stages: the inauguration of World Lindy Hop Day/Frankie 100. She has also composed a special song for us SHAKING THE BANGKOK!




10,500 THB


BOOK HERE via PayPal    BOOK HERE via Local Bank Transfer

BOOK HERE for Korean Dancer

Full Pass includes:

* All classes on Friday, Saturday & Sunday
* All parties, shows, and live music on Friday, Saturday & Sunday
* Dinner on Saturday & Sunday
* Starting from Dec 21, 2016 the price would be 10,500 THB


5,500 THB


BOOK HERE via PayPal BOOK HERE via Local Bank Transfer

BOOK HERE for Korean Dancer

Party Pass includes:

* All parties, shows, and live music on Friday, Saturday & Sunday
* Dinner on Saturday & Sunday

Group Registration

Group registration must consists of at least 10 dancers, with leader:follower ratio of 45:55

Please fill the form here and send to
You will later receive a confirmation and payment instruction from Big Bang team”

Note : Housing and travel are not included.
* Refunds are not accepted; however, pass transfers can be done between dancers. Leaders must transfer to leaders and followers to followers – please complete and send updated information to by February 15th, 2017.

Housing & Travel


Sampran Riverside is where visitors can experience authentic Thai way of life and learn about our local wisdom. For decades it has been considered one of Bangkok’s favorite attractions because of the obvious dedication to preserving Thailand’s natural and cultural heritage by engaging with the local community.


Step 1: Download & Fill in the Form
Each room is for 3 people – please sign up as a group of 3! If you reserve a room for 1 or 2 people, we may add a roommate if the rooms are full. Thank you for understanding the camp
organising team!

Step 2: Email the form to

Step 3: You will receive confirmation from the hotel. Pay upon departure from hotel.


General info: Sampran Riverside is about 2 hours from Central Bangkok by car, depending on traffic. Don’t worry, it’s not difficult.

Option 1: Big Bang bus service from BTS Skytrain Wongwian Yai station (Exit #2) to the camp on Friday, and bus services from Sampran back to central city on Sunday evening.

Option 2: You can travel to Sampran Riverside by taxi.

Sampran Riverside
Km 32 Pet Kasem Road, Sampran, Nakorn Pathom, 731 10 Tnd.

Please refer to Google Maps for driving directions. (Download Thai Map for taxi driver)



From Bangkok to Sampran Riverside

One Departure Time only on Friday 24 FEB 2017. Bus will arrive at the Sampran Riverside.  Estimated 2 hour journey.

Bus #1 Departure Point
Departure Time
Fare Per Person
BTS Wongwian Yai Station (Exit #2) 3:30pm 350 THB

From Sampran Riverside to Bangkok

One Departure Time only on Sunday 26 FEB 2017. Bus will depart from the Sampran Riverside.  Estimated 2 hour journey.

Bus #2 Arrive At
Departure Time
Fare Per Person
BTS Phaya Thai Station 10:30pm 350 THB



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